Stainless steel products in Krasnoyarsk

The widespread use of stainless products is due to their outstanding anti-corrosion and strength characteristics, hygienic cleanliness and aesthetics. They have been working reliably for many decades in conditions of aggressive environments, high temperature and pressure, while maintaining all of these qualities.


Our company produces and delivers directly stainless products in a wide range at competitive prices. Material - steel grades AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321 (domestic analogues 08X18N10T, 12X18N10T, 02X17N14M2T). Our catalog contains:

  • stainless pipes round seamless and electric welded, profile square and rectangular sections;
  • hot and cold-rolled sheet metal rental, sort - calibrated circle, strip, shaped - stamped and hot-rolled corner;
  • welded and threaded fittings. Welded fittings are installed on tense sections of the pipeline. These are collars, transitions, threes, bends, plugs. Thread fittings are American, couplings, barrels, nipples, plugs, fluorins, threes, bends, plugs, fittings — allow you to mount the pipeline of any structure in industry, transport, housing and communal services, in everyday life;
  • stainless steel flanges collar, welded, free, as well as flange plugs. Our catalog contains gaskets for flange joints that increase the strength and tightness of the connection unit;
  • valves for pipelines: ball threaded cranes (muff), flange, welded, L-shaped, non-return valves, threaded and flange filters, disc valves, gate valves;
  • steel fasteners: anchors, bolts, nuts, washers, rods, clamps;
  • cutting and welding materials: electrodes, welding wire, stripping and cutting discs, stainless steel brushes.